NYC Summer School -- 5 Classes That Will Make you a Real New Yorker

August 8, 2016

New York City has the spirit of a fighter, the determination of a dreamer, and the swagger of a champion. Not everyone is capable of holding their own in this place so full of character, life, food stands, and skyscrapers.

But there are tricks to the trade -- lessons to be learned, experiences to dive into, and fears to conquer. Dont be afraid of a city deemed "the concrete jungle." You can and will become a concrete Tarzan, damnit.

So grab your vine and swing into NYC summer school. These NYC classes are bound to make you the ultimate New Yorker -- complete with just the right amount of charming arrogance that makes the Big Apple so welcoming.

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    New York Pizza (BYOB)

    Everyone knows the Big Apple turns out some of the best pizza around. So how 'bout a challenge? Here's to YOU becoming the next pizza king of the city! Join our class to learn the secret tricks behind making a killer, one-of-a-kind thin crust and then delve into the history behind some of the most popular pies at the top of Gotham's list. You'll also pick up a few bonus skills as we create delicious Donut, drizzled with a home-made Chocolate Sauce. Bring your friends and the drinks and we'll share some of NYC's best kept pizza secrets! BYOB
    New York Pizza (BYOB)

    109 W 27th St, New York

    • Learn to make yummy New York-style pizza alongside a professional chef
    • Improve your cooking skill set in a professional kitchen with hands-on practice
    • Enhance the social quality of the experience by bringing your own adult drinks
    • Enjoy a pizza meal prepared from fresh ingredients and cooked to perfection
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    Whether you're tense and stressed after a long day at work, or just want some peace and quiet away from your busy day-to-day life, meditation has the answer. Find yourself de-stress and relax at the end of this 75-minute session. The yoga poses and breathing exercises that make up asana and pranayama will help you increase your flexibility, strength, and energy. These movements, along with some guided seated meditation, will also help you calm and clear your mind. Shhhh. We're trying to meditate in here.

    33-02 Broadway, Astoria

    • Relax and partake in some self exploration with this meditation class
    • Feel enlightened and soothed from a combination of gentle asana (moving meditation), pranayama (breathing exercises) and guided seated meditation
    • Bring your own cushion for maximum comfort and stress-relieving
    • Take these new techniques home with you and learn how to let loose anytime you want!
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    Qoya - Sensual Dance

    Quick Quiz: Who does your body belong to? We hope you answered “Me”. And by “Me” we mean, “you”, the strong, beautiful woman we’re talking to. Take control of your body and your body’s movements, with this empowering class from Sacred. Qoya represents a shift in consciousness through movement that evolves the way women are typically taught to use their bodies. Drawn from the wisdom of yoga, the creative expression of dance, and the sensual pleasures of movement, Qoya helps women enjoy and revel in their feminine bodies. With this unique approach that is feminine, expressive, and fun, you'll get in great shape, building strength, agility, flexibility, and muscle-tone. But this is more than a workout for your body -- it's strength for your soul.
    Qoya - Sensual Dance

    197 Clifton Pl, Brooklyn

    • Learn to move your body in a sensual, empowering, and creative way
    • Use the collected wisdom of yoga and dancing to empower yourself
    • Combine traditional benefits of fitness with a big boost in self-worth
    • Make new friends in a warm and welcoming environment
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