NYC Summer School -- 5 Classes That Will Make you a Real New Yorker

August 8, 2016

New York City has the spirit of a fighter, the determination of a dreamer, and the swagger of a champion. Not everyone is capable of holding their own in this place so full of character, life, food stands, and skyscrapers.

But there are tricks to the trade -- lessons to be learned, experiences to dive into, and fears to conquer. Don't be afraid of a city deemed "the concrete jungle." You can and will become a concrete Tarzan, damnit.

So grab your vine and swing into NYC summer school. These NYC classes are bound to make you the ultimate New Yorker -- complete with just the right amount of charming arrogance that makes the Big Apple so welcoming.

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    BYOB Painting (Chelsea)

    Ever find yourself strolling through a museum thinking I could do that, no problem? And then, upon making the attempt, do you find yourself at a loss as to how to even start? If you're looking to recreate famous works of art -- Monet, Picasso, or even Van Gogh -- in one easy sitting, check out this Painting Workshop. In a fun, stress-free environment, let loose with some wine or beer and a blank canvas. Learn the basics from an experienced instructor, such as how to mimic the strokes of your favorite artist. Recreate a masterpiece -- by the end of the night, you'll be amazed with what you've accomplished.
    BYOB Painting (Chelsea)

    39 W 14th St, New York

    • Learn step-by-step how to recreate a famous painting from Warhol, Van Gogh, Picasso and others
    • Relieve stress through a relaxing, social form of art
    • Put your creative twist on museum staples
    • Sip on your own wine or beer in this fun environment
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    Central Park At Night

    Are you frustrated with not being able to take photos at night, or trying and having them come horribly blurry or completely dark? During this on-location photography shoot, you will be guided through important technical elements of exposure to improve your night photography skills. Your class will start in Central Park with a short discussion on proper exposure, working with/without flash, compensating for low lighting, and technical issues particular to your subject. You will then be given a photo assignment to complete as well as guidance and feedback from a trained photography guide along the way. You will capture amazing photos of Central Park and the surrounding skyline at night and produce better photographs no matter what your level of skill currently.
    Central Park At Night

    5th Ave. and Central Park S, New York

    • Learn to take amazing photos at night during this on-location night shoot around Central Park under the guidance of a skilled photography guide
    • Practice important elements of night photography such as long exposure, working with a flash, and a combo of the both
    • Add drama to your images using well established tips and tricks of the photography trade
    • Cherish your beautiful photos at home or send them to your friends and family to appreciate
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