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    Paint & Sip

    Think there's an art to partying? Then this paint and sip class ought to be your kind of shindig! Designed to teach the fundamental elements of painting, during this festive event you'll work in tandem with a professional artist as you recreate a featured work step-by-step. This is a great way for novices to learn, and for more experienced painters to get a new perspective. By the time class is over, you'll have a brand new painting to show off your newfound art skills! Adding to the fun, you're invited to bring along your favorite beer or wine to lighten the mood. This social event is a great way to spend some unique quality time with old friends, or to make some new ones. Use a brush to color the canvas, while wine colors your cheeks!
    Paint & Sip

    69 Main St, Flemington

    • Learn to paint by recreating pieces stroke-by-stroke alongside a professional painter
    • Develop your painting ability by mimicking the styles of others to see how it's done
    • Walk away from class with a brand new painting to decorate your home with or give as a gift
    • Enjoy a bright, collaborative atmosphere allowing BYOB refreshments
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    Painting - $39

    A dab here. A dab there. Take a sip. Repeat. Dab, dab, sip. Dab, dab, sip. You can really get into a rhythm with that painting and drinking! In this awesome class at Pinot's Palette Red Bank, you'll learn step-by-step how to create incredible works of art. With the help of an expert instructor, you'll work side by side with your friends or family and put paint to brush, brush to canvas, and glass to lips. And a funny thing happens when you combine art and alcohol -- your art starts to look a lot better. In fact, you might just walk out of there with a masterpiece! How will it look to you in the morning? We can't say.
    Painting - $39

    12 Broad St, Red Bank

    • Create an incredible work of art with the help of an expert instructor and some liquid creativity
    • Bring along a favorite bottle of something special, and enjoy it while you work side by side with your friends and family
    • Practice your art technique with the help of a professional who will help you work on your technique and answer your questions
    • Have fun and create a piece of art to take home!
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