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    Sound Healing Meditation

    If you enjoy innovative spiritual approaches to meditation, this sound-focused guided meditation should be music to your ears! Based around the healing powers of vibrations, this class will use music, sound, and imagery to guide you through a soothing, healing meditation. By participating, you'll also be opening your mind and body up to higher possibilities and states of harmony -- meaning that this simple and soothing class may have positive effects on the body's ability to heal itself! Meditation has long been known to have many positive physical, mental, and emotional health benefits, and with this unique class you'll get to "tune up" like never before! Sounds pretty great, huh?
    Sound Healing Meditation

    139 S Olive St, Orange

    • Participate in a guided, all-levels-welcome meditation built around the healing power of vibrations
    • Immerse yourself in a nurturing studio environment as you focus on sound, music, vibration, and visualization to promote self-healing
    • Enjoy the many health benefits of meditative practice, which can include opening your mind to higher possibilities
    • Feel a new level of harmony as you take a break from your everyday life to recenter and refocus
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