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    America's pretty great, we can all agree on that. But one non-American tradition that the good ol' red, white and blue could stand to adopt is that of the mid-day siesta; You know, NASA studies say that a short nap leads to 34% more productivity through the rest of the day! Come down to Bottom Line Yoga to catch a few Z's and give yourself a midday energy boost. They'll provide you a plush nap mat, blankets, pillows, and a complimentary wake up! If you're a light sleeper, they can hook you up with eye-pillows and ear plugs. It'll be just like pre-school, except now you've REALLY got no excuse for eating crayons.

    141 W Jackson Blvd, Chicago

    • Take a half hour out of your day to snooze in a comfortable, relaxing location
    • Increase your productivity by giving your brain and body a reset
    • Relax on a comfortable nap bed, with blankets, pillows, eye pillows, and ear plugs provided
    • Don't worry about oversleeping -- you'll receive a complimentary wake-up!
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