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— Life Skills
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    Sunday Morning Group Meditation (Online)

    As you sit on a comfortable pillow or cushion, an instructor helps you meditate and relax. The Sunday Morning Group Meditation Practice alternates between sitting and walking, but you do not have to worry about strenuous exercise. Shambhala meditation focuses on helping you find enlightenment in your current situation through gentle methods. You can escape the pressure and stress of daily life for a few moments while learning meditation techniques from trained experts. Shambhala Buddhism will help you discover new strength and clarity to survive the coming work week.
    Sunday Morning Group Meditation (Online)

    2305 S Syracuse Way, Denver

    • Practice Shambhala meditation in a virtual group setting
    • Strive enlightenment and peace during a relaxing session
    • Escape the stress of the week by meditating on a Sunday
    • Discover Shambhala Buddhism teachings to improve your life
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    Energy Sessions (1 Hour)

    The best way to feel better is to focus on feeling better. It's that simple. At birth you embarked on a unique journey through life in the hopes that you could, one day, achieve peace and happiness; energy sessions are the perfect tool to help you on your way. These sessions are designed to help you manage your stress, improve your self image, and get rid of all the unwanted baggage that has been weighing you down. Through a combination of energy work, meditation, and therapeutic chats, you'll be able to continue down the road of life uninhibited. Light of Mine has you in mind.
    Energy Sessions (1 Hour)

    6000 E Evans Ave #2-220, Denver

    • Learn lifelong skills such as visualization, meditation and the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to help you better manage stress,
    • Clear your chakras and have a medium give you a reading
    • Treat yourself to a spiritual and physical cleansing
    • Embrace your inner light and move forward in love and faith
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