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    Meditation (30 min)

    We all could use a break sometimes, if not everyday, and in this 30-minute meditation class you'll get just that! This 30 minute primer will help you clear your mind of the troubles that weigh you down. You'll learn mindfulness techniques that will help you still yourself and focus on the things that matter. You'll enjoy following the lead of an experienced instructor as you focus on your breathing and aligning your energies to create positive effects on the rest of your everyday life. Do it for your health. Do it for your mind. Do it for your heart. Now say it slowly with us: Na-mahhhhh-ste.
    Meditation (30 min)

    944 8th Ave, New York

    • Spend 30 minutes in a guided, group meditation led by an experienced professional
    • Refocus on your inner self to achieve a greater calm and generate more positive energy
    • Learn mindfulness techniques that will help you deal with stressful situations in the future
    • Remind yourself of what really matters in life, mainly your health and happiness
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    Chapter 2: Biotech Labs Escape Room

    The fate of a life rests on your shoulders. Sure, it's a fictional lifebut your shoulders are real. While investigating a missing lab employee's disappearance, Biotech Labs did not cooperate with your detective team. Your team decides to search Biotech Labs without a warrant. With the security system disabled for one hour, your team is given a chance to sneak in to search the space for evidence, specifically a data disk. Upon entering, the security system initiates its reactivation and locks the door, forcing your team to find a way to escape the nebulous organization called Biotech Labs. During this escape room adventure, you'll find yourself locked in the insidious Biotech Labs, where you'll have to search the room for clues and solve a series of puzzles to determine the location of a missing man. To make the challenge even more pressing you're put up against the clock, with one hour to solve the puzzle and escape the locked room before your goose is cooked. Luckily, you'll have a small team to aid you in your task. Together, you'll need to use the powers of your collective observational and critical thinking skills to unravel the mystery and save the day!
    Chapter 2: Biotech Labs Escape Room

    365 7th ave, New York

    • Participate in a thrilling interactive game during which you must locate a data disk containing details of a man's disappearance
    • Work within the 60-minute time limit to attempt to outwit the evil organization that you're up against
    • Put your critical thinking skills and teamwork abilities to the ultimate test as you piece together clues
    • Enjoy an exciting and challenging game filled with anticipation and twists
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