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    Meditation Open House

    This meditation class will teach you everything you ever wanted to know about the not thinking. Housed in a beautiful 19th century house that's become a spiritual sanctuary, the good vibes will start before the workshop even begins. You'll get an introduction to the fundamentals of raja yoga meditation, based on Hindu meditative philosophy. You'll also have a chance to ask questions of the class instructor, an experienced meditation practitioner, before experiencing a guided meditation. While meditative practice can take a long time to truly master - if, indeed, it can ever be truly mastered - you'll feel the immediate benefits of a practice that has been clinically proven to provide numerous health benefits. Best of all, you'll walk out of your session feeling rejuvenated and relaxed, able to confront ordinary daily obstacles with a happy and focused mind. Don't think too hard - check this class out!
    Meditation Open House

    401 Baker street, San Francisco

    • Learn about the fundamentals bund raja yoga meditation
    • Experience a guided meditation that will leave you relaxed and happy
    • Get your meditation questions answered from an experienced practitioner
    • Enjoy the physical and mental health benefits that come from meditative practice
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    Guided Meditation

    You have the right to remain silent. At least for 20 minutes, right? This convenient 20-minute guided meditation will offer you a much need break from your hectic schedule, preparing you to meet upcoming challenges with a positive outlook and clear mind. You'll receive guided instruction from a Buddhist teacher, walking you through various breathing and mindfulness exercises. Kadampa Meditation Center provides a convenient, comfortable escape from the busy city for a much needed break. After this session, you'll feel ready to approach the rest of your day with a healthy mind.
    Guided Meditation

    3324 17th St, San Fransisco

    • Enjoy a free, 20-minute meditation guided by an experienced Buddhist teacher
    • Reset your mind and spirit with an ancient practice proven to provide many health benefits
    • Receive advice on how to apply mediation to your daily life
    • Leave feeling positive, refreshed, and better able to tackle your day
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