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    Meditation to Relax

    Need a break from the constant chaos of your day? Find escape within yourself through the power of meditation. Proven to clear the mind and relieve stress, meditation is a great way to restore balance to your mind and body. In this class, you'll practice Raja Yoga meditation, learning how to increase self-awareness and still your mind. Disconnect from the toxicity of negative thoughts and feelings as you make room for peace and joyful reflection. With regular practice, you'll develop a deeper connection between your mind and body while also increasing optimism and awareness in your daily life.
    Meditation to Relax

    110 Sutter St #100, San Francisco

    • Find clarity and peace though the power of meditation
    • Disconnect from negative thoughts as you make room for happiness
    • Learn how to clear your mind and gain greater self-awareness
    • Experience a renewed sense of self through an enlightening experience
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