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    Guided Meditation (14th Street)

    All your friends go on and on about how great meditation has been for them. You're sick of being left out! It's about time you give it a go, yourself! During this 30-minute class, you'll experience the phenomenon of meditation. Begin with a little yogic stretching to help you prepare for seated meditation practice. Then, you'll learn a few breathing techniques and alignment tips for sitting in meditation poses comfortably. Finally, you'll be guided through a short meditation teaser. This class is the perfect opportunity to see if meditation is for you. (Spoiler alert: It is!)
    Guided Meditation (14th Street)

    1910 14th St NW, Washington

    • Experience the phenomenon of meditation during this class
    • Begin your 30-minute lesson with a little yogic stretching to warm up
    • Pick up tips on breathing and alignment to better your meditation experience
    • Discover how to improve every aspect of your lifestyle by incorporating meditation into your daily routine
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    FIX-A-FLAT class

    Tired of lugging your helpless bike to the shop and paying mechanics to fix your flat tire? Being able to repair a flat tire is an essential skill for any cyclist. Take the time to become comfortable with this straightforward and practical task. This class will give you the opportunity to practice and do it yourself for a hands-on learning experience. You'll be prepared next time you're stranded on the side of the road with a flat. Don't put it off any longer, because next time you lose a tire you won't be scared -- you'll be prepared!
    FIX-A-FLAT class

    440 K St NW, Washington

    • Learn the basic skills that will teach you how to fix a flat bicycle tire
    • Take a hands-on approach to changing tires so you have real experience when you need it
    • Be prepared and confident next time you're stranded on the road with a flat
    • Know how to be the helpful stranger who changes a tire for someone who can't
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