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    Kung Fu

    North Valley Aikikai
    Want to get a great workout and look like an action star in the making? If so, then why haven't you given Kung fu a shot? In this class, learn forms of typical Kung Fu training, as well as the stretching and breathing techniques of Qigong. You will develop strength, flexibility, and explosive power as you practice stretches and jumps in this unique workout. These moves can be used in real life self-defense situations should the need ever arise. Chuck Norris isn't going to have anything on you once you get through this class!
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    Jiu-Jitsu Fundamentals (Gi)

    Total Jiu Jitsu Academy
    Are you always rooting for the little guy? So is Jiu Jitsu! This art promotes the principle that a smaller, weaker person can successfully defend themselves against a larger assailant -- all they need is the proper technique! Come learn how during this Jiu Jitsu class! This submission fighting art focuses on ground fighting, wrestling, and control. During this class you'll learn the techniques used by the masters in Gi fighting and become a pro in no time. You'll learn discipline and control of both the mind and body, while strengthening muscles, improving agility, and releasing stress. By the end of the class you'll have increased your capacity to conquer your fears and any obstacles in your life -- no matter how big or small!
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    Wrestling For Mixed Martial Arts

    Dynamix MMA
    It's all well and good to have strong punches and kicks, but what about when you have to take it to the mat? Get your floorwork skills up to par in this intense, engaging class. Under the guidance of your expert instructor, you will work on controlling your opponent through wrestling moves like chokeholds, joint locks, and escapes. Get faster reflexes, improve your coordination, and build noticeable strength and endurance. Without a doubt, this class will sweep you off your feet.
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    Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

    Xaction Sports Club
    BJJ has become a wildly popular form of martial arts training thanks to its undisputed success in mixed martial arts tournaments. Xaction Sports Club is one of the top schools in the area and specializes Jiu Jitsu and grappling! Since practitioners of BJJ excel in ground fighting, you'll be learning a host of takedown methods to drop your opponent fast. From there, you'll focus on joint locks, chokes, and grappling motions to immobilize and subdue the aggressor. In addition, you'll develop body control, flexibility, and strength along with the mental benefits that come from martial arts training. Whether for sport, fitness, or protection, jiu-jitsu will put success in your hands!
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