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    Basic Beer-Making Class

    Tired of having to pay insane prices for beers at the bar? Got a penchant for big vats of brews? Come learn the inner workings of beer making in a group class and gain the necessary insight on how to make your own beer at home. In this class, you’ll uncover how to mix ingredients to brew bright, citrusy IPAs, malty ales, and dark, chocolate-y stouts and porters. Not only will you have a practical understanding of how to brew, but you’ll also understand the science behind how different styles are created. Your favorite drink is always on tap when you’re the one making it.
    Basic Beer-Making Class

    4352 Eileen St, Simi Valley

    • Learn the inner workings of making delicious beers
    • Discover how to create everything from IPAs to stouts
    • Practice mixing ingredients to create your favorite brew
    • Start your journey towards becoming a beer connoisseur
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