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    Ballet Basics

    Looking for a ballet class with a little “spin” to it? This basics-focused class ought to keep you on your toes! While learning classic, fundamental ballet moves and combinations, you'll be dancing to energetic, contemporary music designed to inspire. With aims on helping you build form and body control, most of the work in this class takes place at the barre -- making it an excellent introductory offering or complement to other dance classes! In addition to picking up fundamental moves and developing your musical expression skills, this class is also a great way keep fit, with elongating stretches that’ll relax your body and focused moves that’ll get you sweating. You may not be a prima ballerina after just one class, but you'll sure feel like one!
    Ballet Basics

    8376 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles

    • Familiarize yourself with the basic techniques of the timeless art of ballet dancing
    • Learn to express yourself through skilled footwork and exercises performed at the barre
    • Develop your coordination while dancing your way to a more toned and flexible body
    • Build your confidence in a fun, supportive studio that features contemporary tunes
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