Capoeira Acrobatics

What to expect
  • Learn a style of acrobatics inspired by the Brazilian martial arts form of capoeira
  • Push your body to new heights as you master impressive feats of physical coordination
  • Discover a form of acrobatics that is a perfect compliment to dance or self-defence classes
  • Enjoy the thrill of finding yourself capable of doing things you never thought possible
Looking to take your physical abilities to new heights? Learn acrobatics from a professional capoeira artist, a form of Brazilian martial arts that combines acrobatics, dance, and music. This form of acrobatics is heavily focused on rhythmic movements and body control, including flips, helicopters, spins, jumps, and handstands. In addition to building motor coordination, this class will help build your strength, stamina, and flexibility. The moves you'll pick up will also transfer well to other dance forms, particularly modern and contemporary dance, making it ideal for aspiring dancers. But all are welcome to come, and you'll find a supportive, high-energy environment in which to expand your physical capabilities, get fit, and have fun. You might just like what you see when you flip your life upside down.

Note: Vaccination required to attend classes for adults
Key Highlights
Price $15.00 per guest
Duration / Session 90 min
# Sessions 1
Rating 28 positive reviews
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