Basic Knife Skills

What to expect
  • Learn proper kitchen knife skills and the uses of different knives
  • Discover techniques to chop, dice, slice, and julienne foods quickly and efficiently
  • Practice complicated cuts like Brunoise, Paysanne, Batonnet and more!
  • Pick up a great new school to impress all your guests and friends
So you've just received a new knife set -- or you've had one sitting in your kitchen for a while -- but you don't really know the purpose of each one. Now's your chance to learn -- take a stab at it with this knife skills class!

Learn how professionals chop, dice, slice and Julienne items quickly and efficiently. Chef Eric shows you knife-holding grips, different cuts, and how to choose, sharpen, hone and care for your knives. Learn to cut with ease and then advance to more complicated and decorative Brunoise, Paysanne, Batonnet and Tourne cuts.

Everything looks and tastes better when ingredients are cut uniformly, cooked evenly and are presented beautifully. You'll work with vegetables, cut chicken breasts off the bone, and see a demonstration of de-boning a whole chicken. Oh, and you can eat your delicious meal at the end of class!

Anyway you cut it, this class is going to be a winner!

Note: All necessary ingredients and equipments are provided.
Key Highlights
Price $95.00 per guest
Duration / Session 2.5 hours
# Sessions 1
Rating 27 positive reviews
A credit will be given for another class if notified by telephone at least 48 hours prior to class time. Credit is valid for ONE YEAR.

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