The Boiler Room Escape

What to expect
  • Experience an absolutely heart-pounding simulated escape game set in the chilling home of a mass murderer
  • Solve riddles, find clues, and use your wits to escape the room in 35 minutes or less
  • Leave reality with your team as you completely immerse yourselves in this terrifying and exciting experience
  • Make it out of the room in time to earn some serious bragging rights
Don't panic, but in this experience, you've been kidnapped by a cannibalistic serial killer and locked into the boiler room of his house... which he's actually turned into a giant trash compactor to dispose of his victims...

...but, like we said, no big deal!

You'll have 35 minutes to work with a team of up to 4 people to find clues, solve riddles, discover trapdoors, and use every ounce of brainpower you've go