Nigiri Sushi (Edo Mae Style)

What to expect
  • Learn all of the techniques of creating sushi from a pro while preparing authentic, tasty sushi
  • Discover how to properly fillet, slice, and prepare fish for sashimi, sushi, and soup
  • Impress and delight guests at your next dinner party with homemade sushi
  • Diversify your cooking repertoire with this healthy meal
What did sushi A say to sushi B? Wassap, B! The good news is that after this class, you'll be able to do more than recount lame sushi puns the next time you're dining on sushi. You'll learn how to properly fillet a fish, and slice fish for both sashimi and sushi. You'll learn all about preparing the rice, searing raw fish, and using the leftover fish bones to make a tasty fish soup. After word gets out that you know how to make your own sushi, the next time you tell your friends to "come and sashimi" sometime, they'll be showing up at your door with chopsticks.

Note: All skill levels are welcome, but you must be at 21 years of age to register. Children may attend if accompanied by an adult.
Key Highlights
Price $150.00 per guest
Duration / Session 3 hours
# Sessions 1
Rating 75 positive reviews
There are no refunds; all sales are final. You may transfer your ticket if you provide notification at least 3 days prior to the class.

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