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    Beginner's Photography

    These days, everyone with an iPhone thinks they're a professional photographer. In reality, real photography has become a lost art. If you want to elevate your photography above the click-and-post variety that has come to dominate social media, chances are you're going to want to purchase a high-end DSLR camera. But you're also going to need to to know how to use it, and that's where this workshop comes in. You'll have three hours with a professional photographer, getting a crash course in exposure, aperture, depth of field, shutter speed, and all of the twisty knobs and buttons that make the magic happen. Learn to work with the light you have to snap beautiful photographs that will capture more attention that the time it takes to click a "like" button. If you're serious about great photographer, this is a great first step to get in the game. Soon enough, taking real professional pictures will seem like a snap.
    Beginner's Photography

    418 Bamboo Lane, Los Angeles

    • Master the technical components to working a DSLR
    • Work with a professional photographer to develop your artistic mindset
    • Learn to get the most out of your high end camera
    • Find yourself able to create beautiful photos that will awe and inspire
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