"Sunday FUNNY Sundays!" Improv Show

What to expect
  • Watch a hilarious 2-act performance of improv that includes monologues, audience participation, and a wide array of quirky characters
  • See a group of fantastic comedians give it their all and get creative with some longform improv
  • Laugh yourself silly as these talented actors wow you with their wit and humor
  • Have an incredible time!
Are you tired of typing "LOL" and never actually doing it? Come get your guffaw on at this laugh out loud comedy show!

This longform improv show is divided into 2 acts -- a freeform romp and a ridiculously hilarious mystery. During the first act, you'll watch these actors' antics as they play a multitude of characters in scenes inspired by audience suggestions. The act opens with monologues, and then devolves as scenes are strung together with word association, creating an uproarious show that's different every time!

After intermission, you'll eagerly return to your seat to watch as the performers, now playing only one character, create four different, completely unrelated scenes.

Once these four scenes are completed, the characters will come together to mix, mingle, and tie together every part of the act! You'll be amazed with their skill as they produce a mystery, and then resolve it, all in only 30 minutes!

You'll be literally LOL-ing in no time! But perhaps restrain your need to ROFL -- that could get dangerous.

Note: Pricing listed is per person, activity must be booked for 2 people.
Key Highlights
Price $5.00 per guest
Duration / Session 30 min
# Sessions 1
Rating 77 positive reviews
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