What to expect
  • Enjoy a Latin-inspired dance and fitness class with a friendly, motivating instructor
  • Dance to some high tempo songs to keep your workout as fun as it is effective
  • Increase your strength, stamina, and overall health as you tone your entire body
  • Execute easy-to-follow moves people from any fitness level can benefit from
Would you rather dance your face off than do squats? Welcome to the human race.

Thankfully there's Zumba, the revolutionary fitness class that lets you get a seriously great workout and bust a move at the same time!

Zumba is accompanied by heart-thumping, Latin and world beats, and features smile-inducing choreography that's varied enough to keep experienced participants interested -- but easy enough that novices can generally get into the routine quickly.

In fact, to start reaping the benefits of Zumba, you really only need to get one thing right: keep moving!

Designed to target various core muscle groups and built around an interval-training philosophy, you'll be engaging in an effective body-toning program that won't run you into the ground after 2 minutes of working out. You'll also enjoy the benefits of a supportive and energetic instructor, and the fun, social environment that LA DanceFit offers.

Right about now would be a great time for a happy dance, don't you think?
Key Highlights
Price $18.00 per guest
Duration / Session 1 hour
# Sessions 1
Rating 25 positive reviews
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