Tango: Connection and Improvisation Techniques

What to expect
  • Master the art of reading your tango partner and improvising dance moves
  • Practice drills in an upbeat studio under the guidance of expert dancers
  • Burn away calories and tone the body at the same time
  • Experience the joy one of dance's most expressive styles
You might know the steps, but that doesn't mean you won't be left sitting on the sidelines. Key to tango is the ability to improvise on the fly and communicate nonverbally with your dance partner. This workshop is aimed at enhancing those skills so that you'll be everybody's first choice to dance with.

You'll learn to read your partner's movements whether they're beginners or experts, creating instant rapport with perfect strangers. You'll also develop the skills to make adjustments on the fly, leading to original sequences that will leave onlookers dazzled. Expert dance instructors will give you advice and help clue you into the secrets that will start turning you from a hobbyist to a professional yourself, all within a fun, upbeat environment that'll seem a little like a party itself.

All levels are welcome, but if you're a beginner, expect to be challenged! It's a small price to pay for becoming the star of the dance floor!

Note: No partner is necessary.
Key Highlights
Price $23.00 per guest
Duration / Session 1 hour
# Sessions 1
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