Intro to Drawing using Graphite

What to expect
  • Explore the world of drawing with graphite
  • Practice sketching and shading to produce texture and dimension
  • Learn to create perspective and depth in your drawings
  • Uncover how to bring flat drawings to 3D life
Pencil drawings are good for a lot more than just doodling in the margins of your notebooks. Learn about the huge variety of drawings that can be made with graphite. This class is ideal for bolstering all kinds of artistic interests -- book illustration, fine art, and even cartooning. You'll focus on developing measuring skills, drawing techniques, and honing your hand's sensitivity. Work on your sketching and shading to produce dimension, texture, and perspective. Whether you're a budding artist or just taking a break from your practice for a while, this class will help you take your creativity to the next level.
Key Highlights
Price $25.00 per guest
Duration / Session 1 hour
# Sessions 1
Rating 5 positive reviews
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