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    Intro to Tae Bo

    Running in place got you going nowhere? Can't seem to get a leg up on your weight goals? Add some kick to your fitness routine with a Tae Bo Fitness Class! What? What's that? TAE. Korean for foot or leg. BO. Short for boxing. Starting to get the picture? Taken together, Tae Bo is the original approach to full-body cardio. Think Zumba on steroids. With gloves, and bags, and a bunch of exclamatory kee-yahs. Set to energetic beats, this fast-moving workout seamlessly merges martial-arts moves and rhythmic dance. Targeted exercises will hit each major muscle group, and regular transitions will keep you from getting tired out too fast. The result? A sculpted body, superior motor control, an improved sense of well-being, a wicked roundhouse, and one mean right hook. This class is its own punchline.
    Intro to Tae Bo

    1886 1/2 Pacific Coast Hwy, Redondo Beach

    • Enhance your fitness workout with an introductory Tae Bo class
    • Discover an effective routine based on boxing, kickboxing, and rhythmic dance
    • Build your muscles, develop your flexibility, and improve your motor control
    • Master devastating strikes and boost your self-confidence
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