Intro to Group Sail

What to expect
  • Pick up the basics of sailing during a 2-hour introductory group lesson
  • Get hands-on experience working with a certified instructor
  • Receive plenty of attention with no more than four students per class
  • Enjoy picking up a new recreational hobby while sailing scenic waters
Tired of being a landlubber? Begin your life on the high seas with this introductory sailing lesson!

Whether you don't know your aft from a hole in the ground, or are just looking for refresher after having been away from the sport for a bit, this two-hour course off the Santa Barbara coastline is for you. The small class size, with no more than four students per instructor, means plenty of attention for all students. Your certified teacher means you'll be getting the real deal.

You'll also get involved with hands-on participation. Learn to grind a winch, trim a sail, and pilot the vessel. By the time you return to port, you'll have a firm understanding for basics and the confidence to continue your sailing career in earnest.

Not a bad way to get your feet wet!

Note: There is a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 4 people per session. It is customary to leave gratuity if you enjoyed your lesson.
Key Highlights
Price $60.00 per guest
Duration / Session 2 hours
# Sessions 1
Rating 31 positive reviews
There are no refunds, but missed classes can be stored with unexpirable credit. If a cruise is cancelled, refund will be provided. There must be a minimum of two full paying passengers for the cruise to leave.

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