Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

School of Martial Arts-West LA
What to expect
  • Learn the basics of martial arts in a professionally-led, fitness-focused class
  • Execute a series of drills that develop your skills in striking, grappling, throwing, and submissions
  • Get an incredible full-body workout as you train all of your core muscles
  • Develop effective self-defense skills that could one day save your life
Try out this free martial-arts class where you'll learn effective self-defense techniques while getting a great workout!

In this 45-minute class you'll practice all ranges of techniques (punching, kicking, throws, grappling, defense against weapons) and what to do if you are taken to the ground so you can defend yourself in any situation. It's also an intense workout that builds confidence, concentration, focus and discipline. Meditation is also a core component of our practice, and our students approach each other as partners versus opponents.
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Price Free!
Duration / Session 45 min
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Sifu Ryan Scott Wants His Students to Thrive As a lifetime student and instructor, Sifu Ryan Scott has seen the same transformation in the lives of his students as he has experienced in his own life. His passion for practice is surpassed only by his love for teaching martial arts. From young children to full-grown adults, his teachings of Kung Fu and Tai Chi have given many individuals the opportunity to become better martial artists, spiritual seekers, and better human beings in their daily lives. Since age 8, Sifu Scott has practiced martial arts in dojos across the US, in China and Japan. He has extensive experience working with some of the world’s highest-ranking martial artists in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Tai Chi, Aikido, Tae Kwon Do and Yuchia Kung Fu. Ancient Chinese martial arts are his primary teaching philosophy because of their richness in spirituality and practical use in everyday life.
As a courtesy to the school, please provide at least 1 hour cancellation notice.

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