What to expect
  • Learn the basics of Tenshin-Kai, a unique blend of traditional Japanese karate and taichi
  • Practice practical self-defense techniques like punches, blocks, and kicks
  • Get in a great workout while improving your strength, coordination, and flexibility
  • Combat age by practicing a form of karate that harnesses your inner power, or "chi"
There's no such thing as a Fountain of Youth (yet), but there are ways that you can naturally combat the symptoms of an aging body.

With Tenshin-Kai, a unique blend of traditional Japanese Karate and Taichi, you'll harness your inner power, or "chi," to become even stronger as you age!

Practice practical self-defense maneuvers like Seiken-zuki (the basic punch), Jodan age-uke (the face block), and Mae-geri (the front kick).

Don't let slower reflexes and aging limbs get in the way -- whip yourself into shape with some karate!

Note: This is a free trial class for first time attendees only.
Key Highlights
Price Free!
Duration / Session 50 min
# Sessions 1
As a courtesy to fellow participants, please provide at least 24 hour cancellation notice.

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