Intro to Hustle

What to expect
  • Learn one of the most endearing partner dances to come out of the disco era
  • Master basic steps, turns, and spins in a supportive studio environment
  • Work with a variety of partners to develop your leading and following skills
  • Embrace your playful side with a style that is buoyant, fast-paced, and fun
Someone call a doctor, because disco fever is back with a vengeance. In fact ... better hustle.

Next to bell-bottoms, spandex catsuits, and invention of the high five, the hustle is widely considered the grooviest thing to come out of the disco era. Simple, addictive, and superfly, it isn't going anywhere soon. Can you dig it? Then embrace magic and take your place on the dance floor with this introductory lesson!

While once a broad term for numerous disco dances, today's hustle more specifically refers to a form of partner dance based on 1970s nightclub moves. Master the essentials in a social Arthur Murray studio environment under the guidance of a knowledgeable dance instructor. Leading, following, spins, and turns are all covered. You bring the boogie.
Key Highlights
Price $49.00 per guest
Duration / Session 45 min
# Sessions 1
All sales final; there are no refunds.

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