Intro to Merengue

What to expect
  • Get acquainted with the charming Latin partner dance known as the merengue
  • Master basic patterns, turns, and wraps in a supportive studio environment
  • Work with a variety of partners to develop your leading and following skills
  • Embrace your playful side with a fun, social, and culturally relevant dance style
Simultaneously swaying hips. Sideways steps. Stepped-on toes.

Hey, that's not how the merengue goes!

Popular in nightclubs, at parties, and on cruises, the meringue is a social dance beloved for its simple charm, not its smooshed feet. Designed with the neophyte in mind, this discovery class is your chance to get your feet in line. Master fundamental patterns, turns, and wraps of the national dance of the Dominican Republic. Work with knowledgeable instructors, and discover a supportive, social dance studio in the process.

Discovery classes are a great way to add a few basic skills to your dance repertoire, and determine if you'd like to pursue more advanced study at the same time ... Not to mention maybe possibly save yourself from a few embarrassing future foot stomps.
Key Highlights
Price $49.00 per guest
Duration / Session 45 min
# Sessions 1
All sales final; there are no refunds.

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