Freediving 101

What to expect
  • Experience the joys of freediving in the ocean waters of Maui
  • Master techniques to increase the depth and duration of your dive
  • Learn about reading weather patterns and diving safety
  • Explore stunning underwater ecosystems
How do freedivers manage to hold their breath for ridiculous amount of time? Learn the secret firsthand during this instructional swim!

After transport to your dive site, you'll get some quick lessons in diving safety, and receive tips on increasing your lung capacity and stamina. After a few practice breaths, you'll be ready to hit the water, where you'll work on deep dives alongside experienced professionals.

Over the course of an hour and a half, as you find yourself diving deeper and deeper before having to return to the surface, you'll discover an amazing underwater ecosystem, rife with incredible marine life.

Now, let that sink in for just a moment...and then get ready to dive!

Note: You should be comfortable swimming and holding your breath underwater for short spans.
Key Highlights
Price $159.00 per guest
Duration / Session 4 hours
# Sessions 1
Rating 1 positive reviews
48-hour cancellation policy, and refunds are only granted if your spots can be filled with another reservation.

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