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    Shoreline Night Snorkel

    There's nothing quite so invigorating as the feeling of an octopus wrapped around your face. Night swimming off the coast of Maui is a special treat. A way to experience the surreal lu of this island paradise in an altogether different light. Bioluminescent, actually. Spend two hours snorkeling in the warm tropical waters after the sun goes down, and watch in awe as the nocturnal inhabitants of the underwater world come out to play. While you swim, your local guide will educate you on this diverse ecosystem, and help you to interact with it in a peaceful, educational manner. Just kidding about that octopus bit, by the way. It's actually quite a horrible sensation.
    Shoreline Night Snorkel

    612 Front St, Lahaina

    • Treat yourself to a invigorating nocturnal snorkeling adventure off the Maui coast
    • Swim alongside a local guide for an informative, interactive experience
    • Marvel as the underwater ecosystem wakes up for the night
    • Immerse yourself in a surreal and tranquil world that will leave you breathless
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