Date Night

Looking for Love: Miami Date Night Inspired by The Bachelorette

May 31, 2016

Your nose starts twitching. Your eyes begin watering. There is a tingle in your hands and feet.  Something is different -- you can smell it, taste it, even. It’s a sensation, an essence, a vibe, if you will.    

Something. Has. Changed.

Yup, you guessed it, that’s LOVE you feel in the air, Floridians. And you know what that means.  

It’s time for ABC’s The Bachelorette to begin once again.  

Cue the drama, the tears, the betrayals, the love (this one’s questionable), and definitely, DEFINITELY, cue the booze.  

Maybe you love The Bachelorette and have been counting down the days until season 12 aired on May 23rd, or maybe you think there is a strong negative correlation between the minutes a person has been watching the show and the amount of brain cells still remaining in their cerebral cortex.  

Either way, there’s one thing these contestants are undoubtedly good at: turning love into a drinking game.

Together, alone, too much: these people are the kings and queens at getting their fix of liquid courage and cozying up with new dates. So get inspired by the Bachelorette pros and explore Miami date night through rosé tinted glasses.

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    4 Venue Bar Crawl (Miami)

    When is it acceptable to crawl? Two phases -- when you're a baby, and when you're going bar to bar. Put on your finest duds and cancel your morning appointments, because you're going to hop on the largest and top rated party tour on the planet. World Crawl Miami has been doing it up since Day 1. You'll hit up 4 local gems and world class venues to enjoy drinks, dancing, and games. You know what you won't have to worry about? Cover charges and waiting in lines -- you'll make the VIP's look bush league. So what are you waiting for? Oh, and by the way, "crawl" is a figure of speech. Leave those kneepads behind, unless you tend to fall easily while drunk. Then, maybe you WILL need them...
    4 Venue Bar Crawl (Miami)

    407 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach

    • Get down with the world's largest party tour, hitting up 4 exclusive venues for drinks and games
    • Enjoy treatment that goes beyond VIP-level, bypassing lines and cover charges
    • Drink some signature cocktails before hitting up the dance floor
    • Make new friends -- everyone's going to be having a great time!
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    Sunset Champagne Cruise

    You're not experiencing the spirit of Miami unless you're celebrating life. Translation: you need to be drinking champagne! This sunset cruise is the perfect way imbibe a little bubbly while appreciating the world around you. That's because you'll be relaxing aboard the luxury schooner, Heritage of Miami II, for a romantic experience that's sure to appeal to your sophisticated side. Dance to relaxing lounge music, and sip champagne, while checking out the myriad sights to be seen along the shore as the city gears up for its nightlife. To set the mood, you'll enjoy unlimited champagne service, as well as an array of artisanal appetizers to please your palate. Pop the cork on your Miami vacation!
    Sunset Champagne Cruise

    4525 Collins Ave, Miami

    • Set sail off of the coast of Miami for a sunset cruise aboard a luxury schooner
    • Enjoy music and dancing, unlimited champagne, beer, and appetizers
    • Check out some of the shoreline sights as the city lights up for the night
    • Treat yourself to a relaxing getaway off of one of the world's most famous beachfronts
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    Salsa Dancing

    How ya feelin'? HOT-HOT-HOT! At least, that's how you'll feel after this salsa class. Learn the basic footwork, turns, and counts of this sensual Latin dance in a no-pressure environment. Not only will you learn to move with the utmost elegance and suaveness with the help of a professional instructor, but you'll also improve your confidence, overall fitness, and stamina while having a blast. Next time someone asks you to dance, you won't even dare sit this round out. Ole!
    Salsa Dancing

    10080 Griffin Rd, Cooper City

    • Learn the fundamentals of salsa, a sensual Latin dance
    • Build your confidence on the dance floor in a relaxed and supportive environment
    • Enjoy an incredible workout while mastering new moves and feeling more prepared for any social event
    • No experience is necessary
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