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    Learn Swing Dancing

    It don’t mean a thing it it ain’t got that swing, yeah! Get ready to swing the night away at this beginner dance class, where you'll learn the basic footwork, patterns, and techniques behind classic swing dancing -- the craze that took control of the 1950s. Hop to the beat as you twirl with a partner and bounce to the energetic rhythms of a bygone era, enjoying all the benefits of a grueling cardio workout with none of the misery! Du-wop-du-wop-du-wop-du-wop...
    Learn Swing Dancing

    10080 Griffin Rd, Cooper City

    • Become acquainted with the outrageous fun of Swing dancing
    • Learn the basic footwork and techniques of one of the biggest dance crazes our nation has ever seen
    • Enjoy a great workout as you jump and jive your way into a healthier, more confident lifestyle
    • No experience is necessary
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