Family Painting Fiesta (North Miami)

What to expect
  • Recreate a beautiful painting under the guidance of a skilled instructor
  • Learn new painting techniques and practice mixing paints, different brush strokes, and perspective
  • Take home a painting of your own creation to hang on your wall
  • Bond with your family as you all create something artistic together
“Don’t make me pull this car over!” “You’re past curfew; this better be good.” “You’re not going anywhere until this room is clean.” Forget your typical family feuds and instead opt for a family fiesta! What better way to connect (and get along) with your loved ones than to do something artistic together. In this class you will be walked through the process of recreating a beautiful painting from beginning to end by a talented instructor. Each evening a different painting is selected as the model for you to recreate, and you are given step-by-step instructions to recreate the work. You and your family won’t need any prior painting experience to enjoy this fun activity together. Practice mixing paints, different brush strokes, and perspective. Take home your masterpieces at the end of the event to hang with pride.

Note: Family Fiesta classes are geared towards children ages: 5-17; adults are welcome to participate.
Key Highlights
Price $35.00 per guest
Duration / Session 2 hours
# Sessions 1
There are no refunds; all sales are final.

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