What to expect
  • Learn basic belly dance moves and steps, including shakes, shimmies, isolations, and undulations
  • Embrace and move your body to the Middle Eastern rhythms
  • Exercise your arms and abs through these intricate movements
  • Belly dance your way into every room to get a reputation for great entrances
If you start today, belly dancing your way into every room for a killer entrance, that is -- what would your friends think?

They're not going to be very impressed if you don't have the right moves, that much is truth. So here's the plan: 1. Take this class. Belly2Abs will put your moves in the right place. 2. Practice at home. 3. Maybe take another class or two, for good measure. 3. Become show-stopping Royalty.

Let's get serious, though. Bellydancing is an AWESOME way to get a workout while learning an ancient and beloved art. And in this class you'll learn all of the basic moves and steps, including isolations, undulations, shimmies, and snake arms. So embrace the unique culture of this historical dance, and get ready to shimmy your way into a new frame. Pun intended.
Key Highlights
Price $18.00 per guest
Duration / Session 1 hour
# Sessions 1
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