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    Krav Maga Techniques

    Krav Maga is a fast, efficient, devastating form of self-defense. Originally developed for military use, Krav Maga is a no-frills way to confidently and efficiently defend yourself against an attacker of any size. Under the guidance of your expert instructor, you will learn essential moves like powerful, precise punches, kicks, and strikes. You'll also practice defensive techniques like blocks, escaping chokeholds, and disarming weapons. Training is an incredible way to build strength, speed, coordination, and confidence in your ability to protect yourself against any attacker.
    Krav Maga Techniques

    90 SW 8th St, Miami

    • Experience a lesson in the intense, efficient art of Krav Maga
    • Practice powerful, precise kicks, punches, and strikes
    • Learn to disarm attackers with weapons and to escape chokeholds
    • Build impressive strength, coordination, and self-confidence
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