What to expect
  • Explore both the philosophy and practice of the Japanese martial art of Aikido
  • Hone in on flexibility, mental clarity, and intuitive awareness
  • Gain self-defense techniques that utilize both mind and body
  • Learn how to better handle the stresses and conflicts of daily life
Approach fitness in a whole new way by training both your mind and body with the Japanese martial art of Aikido. Need a mental boost? Learn to fight back with brain power, using your attacker's strength to your own advantage -- as a weapon! Aikido's philosophy of nonviolence and redirection of aggression can also help you learn better ways to battle the stresses of everyday life. Need a physical boost? Focus on flexibility and move in new ways with a workout that pays attention to your individual pace, making you more aware of your personal fitness level. With so much healthful goodness to be gained, your body and mind will thank you for this one.
Key Highlights
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Duration / Session 75 min
# Sessions 1
Sensei Emmanuel Herzog has been practicing the Japanese martial art of Aikido since the age of 13. He has been teaching for over 20 years, conducting seminars internationally and serving as Technical Director the Venezuelan Aikido Federation.
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