Parasailing Adventure

What to expect
  • Hit the skies above beautiful Biscayne Bay with a parasailing adventure
  • Spot the city skyline, beaches, boats, and underwater life swimming below
  • Take comfort in a crew with a superior safety record and well-maintained equipment
  • Fuel your sense of wonder, inspire your mind, and get your endorphins pumping
Ever have that dream where you're flying over everything, flapping your arms like a majestic bird of prey, but also kind-of-sort-of wondering if you're about to plummet to the ground like a chunk of blue ice?

In sunny Florida, dreams become reality!

Take off for a high-flying parasailing adventure, and leave Biscayne Bay below! Whatzat, you say? Oh, just a parachute harnessed to your back, and you tethered to a jet boat. No big whup. Bit of a worry wart, are you? Fear not! Each experience is overseen by a crew that puts safety first, with contemporary, up-to-snuff gear. Instead, worry about prying those peepers open, because there's a lot to see!

Spot the city skyline in the near distance, boats and swimmers below, and perhaps even a bit of underwater life twisting and turning just below the water's surface! See your friends and family waving up at you! You can even wave back if you want -- that's totally fine!.

See you in the sky!

Note: Riders must be six years of age or older (riders under ten years old must ride with an adult). 6 guests per trip. You are on the boat for 1 hour, in the air for 20 minutes. Usually 2 passengers fly at the same time.
Key Highlights
Price $95.00 per guest
Duration / Session 90 min
# Sessions 1
100% refund 15 or more days prior to tour date; 75% refund 14 days to tour date; 50% refund at least 72 hrs before tour date. No refund if cancelled within 48 hours of tour date. If the weather is deemed unsuitable for the tour, every effort will be made to re-book. Good for a year from time of booking.

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