Cooking With Chef Maria

What to expect
  • Learn to cook your favorite dishes and try your hand at making new ones as well
  • Get expert instruction from your friendly teacher Chef Maria
  • Taste the delicious dishes you prepare at the end of the class
  • Have recipes up your sleeve to impress your friends
While your grilled cheese and Easy Mac are very tasty, they get a bit boring after a while. It's time to expand your recipe repertoire and there's no better place to start than Cooking With Chef Maria.

Cooking with Chef Maria classes are a 100 percent hands on experience. You'll learn how to make incredible dishes that are surprisingly healthy as you follow the expert instructions of Chef Maria. That's because the class follows the philosophy, "We don't change the dish, we change the ingredients." You'll learn to eat and cook healthy without sacrificing flavor.

Bon apetite!
Key Highlights
Price $65.00 per guest
Duration / Session 3 hours
# Sessions 1
Rating 1 positive reviews
Maria is a self taught Chef and in one capacity or another has been involved with nutrition and the food industry her entire life. While she was born in Venezuela, she moved to Peru at a young age. It was in Peru that Chef Maria developed her love and appreciation for healthy and natural ingredients. During these very early years her friends and family were already beginning to notice Maria was gifted in the kitchen. It was then that she was inspired to continue on the culinary path. In 1990 Maria picked up and moved to San Diego CA where she understood people were more in tune with "healthy eating". Maria's dream had always been to own her own restaurant and that dream became a reality when she opened "El Tucan" restaurant. Everything was made fresh; and El Tucan quickly became known by the local surfers as a the best place to grab some delicious healthy organic food. When Chef Maria relocated to Miami she was approached by a friend who owned a Montessori school and was interested in offering a cooking class as an after-school enrichment program. That was the beginning of Cooking With Kids Miami
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