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— Mixed Martial Arts
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    MMA Sparring

    Got your eyes on gladiatorial glory? Prepare yourself for the MMA cage with class dedicated to sparring! Mixed Martial Arts has risen to become one of the most popular combat sports in the world, allowing participants to square off against one another using a wide range of martial arts styles. During this class, you'll learn to incorporate your martial arts training in the ring against other opponents during controlled sparring. You will receive on-the-go advice to improve your technique, and to develop your ability to read and react to live fighting scenarios. In addition to boosting your readiness and confidence for actual competition, live sparring is a great compliment to your fitness routine. Many glorious victories await!
    MMA Sparring

    5756 S Rice Ave, Houston

    • Hone your mixed martial arts combat skills during a session of controlled sparring and instruction
    • Develop the ability to read and react to opponents while improving your combat speed
    • Gain the mental and physical health benefits that come studying self-defense
    • Build your confidence in the ring and prepare yourself for actual mixed martial arts competition
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    Mixed Martial Arts

    How to make a mixed martial art: Two parts punch, three parts kick, and one part choke hold. Chill with an ice cold stare. This comprehensive fighting lesson will introduce you to the wildly popular world of mixed martial arts. This competitive sports allows fighters from a broad background of styles to go head-to-head in the ring. With this introduction, you'll learn elements from several martial arts proven to be effective in competition, including strikes, blocks, throws, and grappling and submission techniques. You'll build form and power with bag work and shadow boxing, and learn situational techniques via partner drills. And, when you're ready to mix things up, you'll work on combinations during controlled sparring practice. It all adds up to a cool drink of butt kicking.
    Mixed Martial Arts

    767 N Shepherd Dr, Houston

    • Learn the fundamentals of mixed martial arts fighting under the guidance of a trained instructor
    • Pick up tricks and maneuvers to take your opponent down and win the ground game
    • Tone your body and shed pounds with a heart-pounding physical sport
    • Develop mental focus and confidence to succeed in and out of the ring
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    Mixed Martial Arts

    So many great martial arts styles, who can choose just one? Learn the style that encompasses all of the best skills and techniques, from the place voted "Best MMA Studio" in the city by the Houston Press! In this class, you'll focus on the five main components of MMA: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Muay Thai kickboxing, boxing, and wrestling. By combining these, you'll learn to create a flow that lets you experience the full benefit derived from each individual art. Plus, in no time at all, you'll be in the best shape of your life; just a few minutes in the ring is an intense workout, so your cardio fitness level will improve immensely. Plus, you'll reach new heights of strength and agility! So come join us today -- no experience is necessary, and the first class is free!
    Mixed Martial Arts

    1035 W 18th St, Houston

    • Learn the fundamentals of Mixed Martial Arts, which culls techniques from a variety of other fighting styles
    • Fight at various ranges, including a kicking range, a boxing range, a ground range, and more
    • Get in the best shape of your life, building strength, agility, and cardio
    • Engage in live sparring with your expert instructors and fellow classmates
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