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— Mixed Martial Arts
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    Intro to Effective Self-Defense (Clover Park)

    In this 90-minute class you'll practice all ranges of techniques (punching, kicking, throws, grappling, defense against weapons) so you can defend yourself in any situation. It's also an intense workout that builds confidence, concentration, focus and discipline. The first half of class focuses on individual techniques and the second half of class focuses on partner work. Meditation is also a core component of our practice, and our students approach each other as partners versus opponents.
    Intro to Effective Self-Defense (Clover Park)

    2801 25th St, Santa Monica

    • Learn the basics of martial arts in a professionally-led, fitness-focused class
    • Execute a series of drills that develop your skills in striking, grappling, throwing, and submissions
    • Get an incredible full-body workout as you train all of your core muscles
    • Develop effective self-defense skills that could one day save your life
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