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    Submission Wrestling/MMA

    Get ready for the exciting, hard-hitting intensity of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). MMA combines the standing kicks and punches of disciplines like karate with the throws, grapples, and joint locks of judo and jiu jitsu. The result is a system of self-defense that prepares you for close-range combat in any situation. While you practice powerful strikes and submission holds, you'll be building your strength, speed, and balance, all while toning every muscle in your body and improving your endurance -- so that, if life throws something your way, you'll be prepared and know for sure that you're ready to throw down!
    Submission Wrestling/MMA

    714-716 N Figueroa St, Los Angeles

    • Discover the exciting practice of Mixed Martial Arts and submission wrestling
    • Learn fundamental punches, kicks, and knee strikes
    • Practice throwing and subduing your opponent
    • Build strength and muscle tone with fun exercises
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    Martial Arts

    Is there challenge in your life that you're afraid to confront? This holistic martial arts class will help you confront any obstacles, physical or otherwise, that may be holding you back. Experienced professionals will teach you how to defend yourself with techniques including grappling, strikes, sparring, submission, and throws, and will work with you to find the best techniques for your size, strength, and flexibility. During this class you'll learn to better control your emotions, act instead of react, and protect yourself, your family, and your friends when needed. You will also gain strength and flexibility, calm your mind, and have better health overall. Ultimately, you will learn to face and overcome your fears, allowing you to follow the path that you want in life. Go forth and conquer!
    Martial Arts

    12045 Magnolia Blvd, Los Angeles

    • Learn how to defend yourself while strengthening your mind and personality
    • Practice grappling, strikes, sparring, submission, and throws
    • Develop strength, control, form, flexibility, and muscle tone
    • Have fun while learning a new skill and making friends!
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