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— Mixed Martial Arts
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    Mixed Martial Arts Grappling

    Mixed Martial Arts is the mixture of all martial arts, and with broadcasting of the biggest events in the TV, this sport is the fastest growing sport in the USA. Take your training to a new level in this intense class, which focuses exclusively on the floorwork aspects of MMA. You will learn to grapple and throw your opponent with techniques from judo, control him or her using the joint locks and chokeholds pulled from jiu jitsu, and execute the pins and holds of wrestling. As a result, you'll find yourself building full body strength, stamina, and coordination. If you want to learn the most effective moves that martial arts have to offer, this is the place to start.
    Mixed Martial Arts Grappling

    7140 Abbott Ave, Miami Beach

    • Discover the close-up techniques of Mixed Martial Arts
    • Learn moves taken from judo, jiu jitsu, and wrestling
    • Control your opponent using joint locks and chokeholds
    • Gain impressive strength and stamina
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    Mixed Martial Arts

    Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) takes the hard-hitting power of standing martial arts and combines it with the floor techniques of wrestling and jiu jitsu to create an all-around intense, effective system of self-defense. In this class, you will practice throwing powerful punches and kicks, as well as striking with your knees and elbows. Then you'll get up close and personal to practice grappling with throwing, and gain the firsthand skills in controlling an opponent through chokeholds and joint locks. Training in MMA will give you incredible endurance, strength, and the versatility to defend yourself in all situations.
    Mixed Martial Arts

    7245 NW 25th St, Miami

    • Defend yourself on your feet and on the mat with Mixed Martial Arts
    • Practice basic techniques like powerful punches, kicks, and strikes
    • Use chokeholds and joint locks to control your opponent on the ground
    • Build incredible strength, endurance, and coordination
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    Mixed Martial Arts

    Don't get embarrassed at your next underworld cage match. Learn MMA. Mixed martial arts is combat sport that allows for a fusion of standing and ground techniques, thus making it open to many martial arts styles. With this class,you'll train in a number of different elements from various combat styles designed to give you the advantage in the ring. You'll work on kicks, punches, takedowns, grappling techniques, and locks, mastering the fundamentals through drills and developing your ability to execute them in real life through sparring matches. Even if you're not interested in fighting for sport, the techniques you learn in this class are perfect for self-defense, and the regime your practice will provide a firstrate workout, building your core strength and endurance. But let's face it, you've got your eye on the bigger things: blood and glory. Or maybe just the glory.
    Mixed Martial Arts

    2148 NE 164th St, North Miami Beach

    • Learn the fundamentals of mixed martial arts fighting under the guidance of a trained instructor
    • Pick up tricks and maneuvers to take your opponent down and win the ground game
    • Tone your body and shed pounds with a heart-pounding physical sport
    • Develop mental focus and confidence in and out of the ring
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