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— Mixed Martial Arts
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    Mixed Martial Arts - Trial Class

    Trying to mix up your workout and have a kickin' time? Interested in learning some basic self-defense in addition to your exercise routine? Mixed Martial Arts offers a full-body workout consisting of karate, kick-boxing, jujitsu, a little krav maga, grappling, and even some Greco-Roman wrestling. Along with stamina and flexibility, MMA training will help improve your strength, balance, and coordination. You'll also develop proper form and footwork technique to take down the biggest opponent (think Andre the Giant). Now, who couldn't use a bit of MMA?
    Mixed Martial Arts - Trial Class

    132 Havemeyer St, Brooklyn

    • Learn the fundamental moves and techniques of MMA
    • Study a mixture of Karate, Jujitsu, Kick Boxing, and more
    • Develop proper form and footwork
    • No experience necessary
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    Mixed Martial Arts

    Have the workout blues? Try this mixed martial arts class that combines taekwondo, muay thai kickboxing, submission grappling techniques and jiu-jitsu for a mind-blowing and body-sculpting experience! Mixed martial arts training challenges you physically and mentally while also offering practical self-defense techniques. You will be taught all of the basic techniques of strikes, takedowns, submissions, and positioning in order to defend yourself in any situation. Emphasis is placed on muscular development, flexibility and cardiovascular conditioning for a total mind and body workout. You'll have more energy, feel younger and improve your overall heart strength in just one workout!
    Mixed Martial Arts

    505 Ovington Ave, Brooklyn

    • Learn moves from taekwondo, jiu-jitsu and muay thai
    • Practice mental discipline and strength
    • Gain flexibility, muscle definition and cardiovascular strength
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