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— Mixed Martial Arts
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    Wrestling for MMA (Fairfax)

    Looking to test your fighting skills in competition? Hit the ground rolling with this wrestling class! Designed for those interested in mixed martial arts fighting, this class covers basic ground techniques you need to know to teach your foes the lesson they so richly deserve. Kai Zen MMA employs some of the top wrestling instructors in the area, recognizing that a good ground game is essential to developing competent fighters. During this class, you'll learn not only to take your opponent down and subdue them with chokes or joint locks, but how to properly position your body to gain the advantage, and how to get out of trouble when you lose it. In addition to developing your fighting ability for the purpose of competition fighting, learning to wrestle is also a great complement to your self-defense training, and offers many physical health benefits, including increased core strength and stamina. Give it a tumble!
    Wrestling for MMA (Fairfax)

    9590 Lee Hwy, Fairfax

    • Develop your ground game with a wrestling class designed for mixed martial arts competition
    • Work with a highly trained coaching staff on body position, escapes, joint locks, and chokes
    • Get a great cardiovascular workout that will also help you develop muscle and body tone
    • Build your confidence in competition by become adept at one of the most essential components of MMA fighting
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    In an engaging, high intensity class, you'll learn the grappling moves of the popular sport of grappling and jiu-jitsu. Grappling makes up the close-range half of MMA fighting. Pulled from the martial art of jiu-jitsu, grappling techniques teach you to control your opponent as you wrestle and throw each other to gain advantage in positioning. You'll gain total confidence in the strength and effectiveness of your moves, in class and out. It's a full body workout, paying attention to your legs, core, and upper body alike. And as your body grows stronger, your mind won't be left behind. Training will give you mental focus and clarity befitting the physical powerhouse you'll become.

    3443 Carlin Springs Rd, Bailey's Crossroads

    • Experience the exciting full body workout of Mixed Martial Arts with a focus on grappling and jiu-jitsu
    • Practice intense hand-to-hand combat as you learn grappling techniques
    • Improve your overall strength, endurance, and flexibility
    • No experience necessary
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