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    Chelsea Market / Meatpacking Food Tour

    Ever feel like you're missing out on some of New York's most delicious secrets? Even if you're a local foodie, there's always another hideaway to be discovered. During this food tour, you'll explore the historic 112 year old landmark building that houses the Chelsea Market and taste samples from seven of the best vendors. Before it's all said and done, you'll take in the great views of the High Line, and enjoy a final food tasting at a trendy restaurant in the Meatpacking District. Discover the hidden world of food in Meatpacking!
    Chelsea Market / Meatpacking Food Tour

    75 9th Ave, New York

    • Tour the Chelsea Market and learn about it's remarkable past
    • Sample food from seven amazing vendors
    • Enjoy a tasting at an acclaimed restaurant in the Meatpacking District
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    Greenwich Village Food & Culture Tour

    Strolling through the winding, tree-lined streets of the West Village, you'll uncover the gastronomic wonders and cultural stories behind the bohemian mecca, Greenwich Village. On this eclectic food and culture tour, uncover the artsy history, culture, eats, and entertainment that make Greenwich Village one of New York's infamous, and most frequented, neighborhoods. Traipsing urbania, you'll taste delicious specialties from classic mom-and-pop food shops, eateries, and restaurants. As the tour finishes, you will have an endless list of delectable restaurants and off-the-beaten-path cultural locales to keep you coming back to this unique neighborhood.
    Greenwich Village Food & Culture Tour

    254 Bleecker St, New York

    • Venture to the artsy, historical, entertaining, and eclectic eateries that grace Greenwich Village
    • Discover cute mom-and-pop shops and off-the-beaten-path restaurants such as Murray's Cheese, Joe's Pizza, and Rafele Ristorante
    • Taste your way through the tree-lined streets of the Village
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    Knife Skills

    Knowing how to use knives skillfully is the foundation of all cooking, and should not be scary or frustrating. Many home and even professional cooks don't always wield a knife correctly, however, which increases food preparation time and makes the process harder, and less safe, than it should be. Good knives are the foundation of a well equipped kitchen. This class remedies all these basic issues: You will learn how to slice, dice, and chop in the safest and most efficient manner. Brendan McDermott, a professional chef and cooking instructor who started teaching knife skills at Brooklyn Kitchen in 2008 (New York declared his class Best Cooking Class of 2010), will guide you through the practice of keeping your knives sharp and handling them correctly. In his 10 years as a chef in New York, he has worked at Mesa Grill, RM, Patria, Olives, Alta, and Porchetta. He has also been featured on the show Working Class Foodies.
    Knife Skills

    225 Liberty St, New York

    • Learn to slice, dice, and chop with ease at the Institute of Culinary Education
    • Decrease food preparation time and ensure you are using knives safely and efficiently
    • No experience necessary
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    Chinatown and Little Italy Food Fest

    The maze of narrow and chaotic streets that make up Chinatown and Little Italy are often intimidating and unknown to both visitors and locals alike. Join a walking tour led by an animated and friendly guide to learn more about these neighborhoods through fascinating historical stories and culinary delights. On this walking food tour, you'll visit six different locations, while sampling food, culture and history. Enjoy a scrumptious cannoli one minute, and be headed to devour dumplings the next. Visiting everything from NYC staples to family-owned shops, hidden gems, and historic landmarks, you'll be engulfed in a food experience to remember. Your tasting menu may include:
    • Homemade mozzarella paired with prosciutto
    • Imported Italian cheeses
    • An authentic Sicilian pastry, cannoli
    • A tasty Italian surprise
    • Sit-down Thai dining experience
    • Authentic Chinese dumplings
    • A traditional Chinese pastry
    Note: All food tastings are included. This tour is recommended for ages 10 and up. Tastings are subject to change without notice. Exact meeting location provided upon ticket purchase. Please make note of any dietary restrictions or food allergies in the "Special Requests" section when placing your booking. The tour will do its best to accommodate your food requests (this includes vegetarian substitutions if necessary).
    Chinatown and Little Italy Food Fest

    Chinatown, New York

    • Traverse the eccentric Chinatown and Little Italy neighborhoods by foot
    • Visit six different tasting locations
    • Eat delicious Chinese and Italian staples, from egg rolls and dumplings to cannolis and prosciutto
    • Explore the history and culture of these NYC hot spots
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    Sex and the City Hotspots Tour

    Miranda, Charlotte, Samantha, Carrie... and NYC were the true stars of Sex and the City. In this interactive tour, you'll drink where they drank, shop where they shopped, and talk where they gossiped. It's the real deal. Whether you're obsessed with the show, a tourist looking to explore NYC's trendy and unique neighborhoods, or maybe being dragged to the tour because of a "friend," this experience pleases each and every attendee. From Midtown to the Village, and Fashionistas to Bachelorettes, live the life of the City gals.
    Sex and the City Hotspots Tour

    Midtown, New York

    • View the iconic locales from Sex and the City
    • Visit the same bars, shops, and city squares as seen on the show
    • Learn about each location's history
    • Enjoy discounts at different stops along the trip
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    Around Manhattan Architecture Cruise

    How many cities hold as many architectural marvels as New York City? Now, it's one thing to look up and gasp, but it's a completely different experience from the surrounding rivers. This tour is lead by the American Institute of Architects NYC chapter, who'll tell stories about the city's finest masterpieces, from parks to bridges, and skyscrapers. Surrounding the city, you'll consume information about the new Freedom Towers, Brooklyn Bridge, Highline, and the entire post-industrial waterfront. Enjoy Manhattan's brilliance from the best view of all.
    Around Manhattan Architecture Cruise

    62 Chelsea Piers, New York

    • Circumnavigate the island of Manhattan while taking in breathtaking architecture, monuments, and infrastructure
    • Explore a unique tour from the Hudson, East, and Harlem rivers
    • Experience Manhattan's architectural masterpieces
    • Sip a complimentary beverage and enjoy the water
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