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    Muay Thai Introductory Class

    Muay Thai's more than a martial art. It's the science of mastering eight limbs -- the hands, feet, elbows, and knees. This effective fighting form even helped Thailand survive the Burmese invasion. During this martial arts class, you'll learn all about the basics of muay thai. These include footwork, punching, elbowing, and kneeing opponents. You will also cover basic pad work and cardio conditioning, to test your arms, legs, and abs. Tailored to improve fighting and self-defense skills, you'll quickly be on your way to an insanely fit, toned body with the endurance to take on any challenge. Step onto the mat and find your eight limbs.
    Muay Thai Introductory Class

    2271 N Clybourn Ave, Chicago

    • Practice muay thai fundamentals that utilize the hands, elbows, knees, and feet
    • Get an intense workout, as you engage in basic pad work and cardio conditioning
    • Improve your overall strength, fitness, and self-defense skills
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    Muay Thai - Adults

    Put your mental and physical endurance to the challenge with Muay Thai! This adult introductory martial arts class will teach you the striking and clinching techniques that make Muay Thai unique. Every part of your body will become its own weapon as you learn to employ them in combat. Your physical preparation will make you an effective fighter, regardless of whether you're gearing up for competition or just want to learn this discipline. Come enjoy learning Muay Thai and its various influences in this effective and efficient class!
    Muay Thai - Adults

    783 Industrial Dr, Elmhurst

    • Train yourself in the martial arts discipline of Muay Thai and develop self-defense capabilities
    • Gain a new perspective on combat as you learn to use many parts of your body as weapons
    • See the uses of learning this martial art in various aspects of your life
    • Learn physical and mental concentration, endurance, and dedication
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