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    Muay Thai

    Muay Thai is a traditional Thai combat sport that combines stand up striking and clinching techniques. This class is open to all levels and will introduce you to the fundamental kicking, kneeing, punching and elbowing techniques. Improve your overall strength, endurance and flexibility while getting a great cardiovascular workout. Not only will this class improve your physical fitness, it’ll boost your self-confidence as you learn important self-defense techniques and discipline. Improve your overall life quality by releasing pent-up stress during intensive workouts and learning important lessons of self-discipline. This challenging sport will have you feeling healthier both physically and mentally. Are you up for the challenge?
    Muay Thai

    3061 Business Lane, Las Vegas

    • Get fit while learning the ancient combat sport of Muay Thai
    • Improve your overall fitness, flexibility and strength during a demanding workout
    • Benefit from your trainer’s years of professional experience
    • Gain self-confidence in your self-defense techniques
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