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— Muay Thai
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    Beginner Muay Thai

    Looking to spice up your workout a little bit? This Muay Thai class puts a modern twist on the ancient art of Thai boxing. You'll learn how to defend yourself with confidence, while whipping your body shape in no time. This rigorous training will condition your entire body to build strength, endurance, and coordination as you gain self-assurance in your defense techniques. It is a martial arts experience unlike any other. Ditch that boring elliptical routine and come train like the pros!
    Beginner Muay Thai

    3375 Mission Ave, Oceanside

    • Learn one of the most effective methods of using all parts of your body, such as hands, feet, elbows and knees as your defending weapons
    • Strengthen your body and mind through improved discipline, flexibility and stamina
    • See what all the hype is about, with the basics of the most popular spectator sport in Thailand
    • All levels welcome
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    Muay Thai

    Muay Thai is commonly referred to as "the art of eight limbs" due its use of knees, elbows, fists, and shins in fighting. Basically, if you've got it then fight with it. Still reading? Great. Then this class is for you, fighter. Learn the art of Muay Thai from an experienced instructor ready to show you just how all those limbs come into play. You'll practice punches, kicks, clinches, foot thrusts, and elbow moves as you develop an understanding of not just your own body, but also your opponent's. Gain coordination and stamina while strengthening both your mind and body in this course perfect for all levels.
    Muay Thai

    821 Kuhn Dr, Chula Vista

    • Learn the fundamentals of Muay Thai fighting in this total-body workout
    • Practice essential punches, kicks, clinches, and foot thrusts
    • Develop a higher level of mental and physical fitness
    • Gain self defense skills as you boost your energy level
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    Muay Thai

    Today we're feeling Thai -- and we're not talking about lunchtime eats, we're talking about a fitness routine! Benefit your mind and body during this holistic Muay Thai class! This martial art was created 500 years ago to be used for practical fighting. During the class you'll learn the techniques used by the masters in order to become a Muay Thai master in no time. You will learn discipline and control of both the mind and body, while strengthening muscles, improving agility, and releasing stress. By the end of class you will increase your capacity to conquer your fears and any obstacles in your life. Plus, now when you order that Pad Thai you'll know that you earned it!
    Muay Thai

    1116 Sycamore Ave g, Vista

    • Learn the basics of the ancient art of Muay Thai
    • Exercise your mind and body through this disciplined form of self defense
    • Develop the strength to overcome fears and obstacles in your life
    • Build muscle, increase agility, and gain a piece of mind
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    John Cusack once said kickboxing is the sport of the future. That was in the 80's. The future is now. Come down to Eagle Martial Arts and learn this fantastic combat style. You'll increase your strength, agility, and overall fitness while learning self-defense techniques that will help you out both in sanctioned contests and in any unfortunate situations you may find yourself in. Martial arts training has the added benefit of helping to develop focus and self-discipline. With the help of your expert instructor, you'll set goals and then work extremely hard to reach them -- this raises self-esteem and makes you realize that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to if you're willing to put in the effort. Stop wasting time and get training.

    7438 Girard Ave, La Jolla

    • Learn the basics of kickboxing from an expert instructor who will get the most out of every student
    • Get in the best shape of your life while learning self-defense techniques that might come in handy in your everyday life
    • Build your strength, endurance, agility, flexibility, and more
    • Make new friends in a supportive yet intense environment
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