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    Steampunk House Tour

    What do you get when you mix the best of the old and the best of the new? Steampunk! Come tour a house designed in the Steampunk aesthetic and see things like modern keyboards with typewriter keys, old stoves with modern kitchen features, and an office modeled after Jules Verne's Nautilus. You will learn about the amazing richness of this style and design, innovative ways and examples to repurpose objects for modern use, and synthesizing and combining opposites for practical application. Learn the history of this enduring and mainstream design trend on this fascinating tour. Come celebrate history through personal stories of individuals, families, organizations and places by reusing historical artifacts in new ways.
    Steampunk House Tour

    36 Pleasant St, Sharon

    • Explore a functional art home infusing modern technologies and appliances into incredible period objects and antiques
    • Be fascinated by the blend of historical artifacts and today's technology repurposed in a modern and practical way
    • Appreciate the impressive combined opposites of past and present, form and function, and art and science
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    Museum of Fine Arts Tour

    Picasso once said, "Good artists borrow, great artist steal." Or maybe he took that quote from T.S. Eliot? Or Faulkner? Either way, come steal away on this fantastic tour of the MFA! At the start of the tour your educated and experienced guide will teach you about founding, construction, and development of the museum. The works of art will be put into context for you as you discuss the social and political forces behind the pieces, and the role of patronage in the art world. Trace the development of European art from the Italian Renaissance to the modern movement, looking at artists such as Matisse, Donatello, Fra Angelico, Sargent, Homer, and Picasso. You will primarily focus on the European and American portions of the collection -- however there will also be a chance to visit the Asian galleries at the end of the tour. Come, get cultured, and put a splash of color in your life!
    Museum of Fine Arts Tour

    465 Huntington Ave, Boston

    • Visit the Museum of Fine Arts, one of the country's most important art museums
    • Learn about the fascinating role of art in American history and culture, and the artists and techniques behind the pieces
    • Discuss famous painters such as Matisse, Donatello, Fra Angelico, Sargent, Homer, and Picasso
    • See gorgeous Renaissance and Baroque European collections at this world renowned institution
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