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    South Beach Cultural Food and Walking Tour

    Miami is a melting pot of Latin American cultures - combine that with South Florida's restaurant offerings that run the gamut from five-star gourmet restaurants to holes-in-the-wall, and you have an incredible food scene that's as varied as the communities that make up the area. On the South Beach Food and Culture Walking Tour, your guide will offer insight on the food you'll eat, the restaurants you'll visit and the neighborhoods you'll explore. Use this walking tour to get to know Miami by walking its streets and eating its local cuisine. On the South Beach Food and Culture Walking Tour, you'll explore the Art Deco district of South Beach on foot and stop at various locations for bites of fusion cuisine. You'll begin with a guided historical, cultural and architectural walking tour of South Beach's most iconic Art Deco properties.

    With its festive curves and sunburst motifs, Art Deco architecture seems like it was tailor-made for South Beach, where the style is alive and well. South Beach's Art Deco buildings and pastel colors immediately conjure images of sun-filled vacations and days cruising along Ocean Drive. As you're admiring the architecture, you'll learn about the preservation efforts that have made the style such an iconic part of the city.

    Along the way, you'll taste a variety of cuisines that make South Beach such an internationally acclaimed food region. Experience the fascinating tastes, sounds and aromas of the city's best restaurants. Think of the tour as a multi-course meal with each course taking place at a different location. You'll visit 5-7 top restaurants and talented kitchens, where you'll savor delectable dishes.

    You'll also learn the cultural background and ingredients of each mouth-watering bite. Sample traditional Colombian cuisine; enjoy a taste of Argentina; try a Cuban classic; feast on gourmet Italian cuisine; delight in Peruvian specialties; and more!

    (Tastings and stops are subject to change without notice)
    South Beach Cultural Food and Walking Tour

    South Beach, Miami

    • Explore Miami's incredibly diverse and vibrant food scene on a fully narrated tour
    • Indulge in a wide variety of incredible gourmet Latin treats among the neighborhoods you visit
    • Hear commentary from your knowledgeable guide about the area's food and restaurants
    • Learn about the history, culture, and architecture of South Beach's most iconic Art Deco properties
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    Best of Wynwood: Street Art/Gallery Tour

    Two worlds collide in the Wynwood Art District, with urban street art on one hand, and high-society art galleries on the other. Take a walking tour of this incredible merging of art forms! On this hour and a half jaunt, you'll see an incredible mix of art styles and mediums that has come to represent Miami. You'll visit 3 fine-art galleries and in between will see murals by luminaries like Shepard Fairey, David Walker, and Interesni Kazki. You'll also learn about the transformation of Wynwood as it rises above its history and gang violence. This is a great way to get a feel for all sides of the city, and to find the best art the area has to offer. Don't forget your walking shoes! Note: Exact meeting location will be given upon confirmation of booking.
    Best of Wynwood: Street Art/Gallery Tour

    2219 NW 2nd Ave, Miami

    • Check out the amazing combination of fine art and street art throughout Wynwood Art District
    • Walk through neighborhoods that merges two disparate worlds: Ritzy, high society and impoverished urban blight
    • Learn about the transformation of Wynwood and what it means for Miami as a whole
    • See incredible works of art that you can't see anywhere else, by the likes of Andy Warhol, Shepard Fairey, and David Walker
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    South Beach Art Deco District Walking Tour

    You've always dreamed of living in the past. The 20's, the 40's, the 80's...they all just seem so glamourous. If only you had a flux capacitor... There's no need to wait for time travel! We've got you covered. Come on back in time with this tour of art deco architecture -- a raging fad of the past! During the tour you'll walk with an experienced, local guide who will enlighten you with fascinating facts and historical tales of the unlikely heroes who saved buildings from demolition and transformed the Miami swampland into a tropical paradise. You are sure to walk away inspired by the beautiful buildings that are filled with history, art, and sometimes even gossip! The best part of the tour? No time warp necessary!
    South Beach Art Deco District Walking Tour

    1001 Collins Ave, Miami Beach

    • Walk through a neighborhood brimming with colorful history, culture, and art deco buildings
    • Stroll along the streets near Ocean Drive while hearing enlightening stories from your tour guide
    • Admire art deco architecture and the contemporary design and decor incorporated into the original interiors
    • Learn about architectural history and what makes this style of architecture distinct from deco buildings in other parts of the world
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