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    Capoeira Music

    Gain cultural understanding and open your ears to a new style of music as you discover the sounds that fuel the art of Capoeira. A combination of dance, acrobatics music, and martial arts, Capoeira was developed by slaves looking to hide their fight training behind the veil of performance. In this class, discover instruments such as berimbaus, pandeiros, and atabaques and learn how they're used to create unique rhythms. Learn traditional songs and understand how the movements of this art form are guided by each beat. This is the perfect course for anyone looking to build on their knowledge of Capoeira or simply explore a new culture.
    Capoeira Music

    12453 Washington Blvd, Los Angeles

    • Learn all about the music that fuels the passion-filled movements of Capoeira
    • Discover unique new songs, instruments, and rhythms
    • Take part in a rich Afro-Brazilian tradition
    • Engage in a welcoming environment friendly to all ages and levels
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    Voice Lesson

    Tralalala! There's no question you have the vocal prowess of a platinum-record recording artist lurking inside. Maybe somewhere deep, deep inside. Lucky for you, there's a way to coax it to the surface! With Sara Leib's Voice Studio LA, you'll enjoy private tutelage from an experienced instructor who is a certified Somatic Voicework teacher, holds multiple musical degrees, and brings a healthy approach to learning to sing with confidence and ability! Don't just belt out tunes, understand them to their fullest with cognitive, psychomotor, and affective coaching. You'll learn to sing primarily commercial musical styles with lots of mainstream appeal, perfect for talent competitions, recording aspirations, or take your karaoke career to exciting new octaves! Remember who helped get you started, huh?
    Voice Lesson

    5810 Pickford St, Los Angeles

    • Learn to sing commercial music with private voice lessons
    • Understand music both theoretically and emotionally
    • Develop a powerful yet healthy approach to vocals
    • Build confidence in your voice and discover a new creative outlet
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